How To Set a Workout On Your Garmin Forerunner Watch


GPS watches have come a long way from the simplistic functionality of “pace” and “time”; however, I have discovered that many Garmin watch owners have no idea how to utilize all of the features of their watch. In this post, I will guide you through the two ways to set a workout on your Garmin Forerunner 220 or higher.


The interval function lets you set a simple workout directly on the watch itself: no computer or app needed. All you do is open the RUN menu, go into the TRAINING menu and scroll down and select INTERVALS.











From here, you can set a time or distance that you want to run; for example, .5 miles or 10 minutes. My watch is set to do 20 second intervals. Next you set the rest you want to have between each interval. Here you can see I have set it to 1 minute, but you can also set it for a distance. You then decide how many times you want to repeat that interval. Mine is set for 6 times.


The last step is to decide if you want to turn the warm up and cool down on, which will allow you to run as long as you want and then, when you are ready, you hit the lap button and the workout portion of the run will begin automatically with the first interval. The cool down period will begin immediately after the last rest. When you hit the lap button again, the workout will end.

By using this function, you will be able to see your exact pace and distance on the hard interval itself as well as what you ran for the rest periods, warm up, and cool down.


The interval function only allows for simple workouts that involve an interval that is constantly the same length. By using the workout creation function on Garmin Connect, you can create and upload more complex workouts to your watch. One of my favorite workouts is Greg McMillan’s “Even Steven” workout:

Warm up

Run 10 minutes at marathon effort
Jog 2 minutes at your easy-run effort
Run 8 minutes at half marathon effort
Jog 4 minutes
Run 6 minutes at 10K effort
Jog 6 minutes
Run 4 minutes at 5K effort
Jog 8 minutes
Run 2 minutes at slightly faster than 5K effort
Jog 10 minutes as your cool-down

Workout found here

The first step is to log into Garmin Connect. From the menu on the left side of the screen, choose the menu button, three horizontal lines, scroll down to the until you see “workouts” and click on that.


Select “Run” from the pulldown menu and click “Create a workout.”


From here, give your workout a name and start creating! click on one of the run boxes and set it to the interval you want. In Even Steven workout, the first run box is set for 10 minutes. You can also set a pace goal for that 10 minutes if you want to. I never use this feature, as I tend to try and hit my intervals by effort. The first rest box is set at 2 minutes. Now I need to create another run box; just click “add a step.” This run box would be set for 8 minutes and the next rest box for 4 minutes and so on.


If you wanted to do a workout that repeated certain intervals, all you have to do is click “add a repeat,” which can be set for something like 800 run and 400 rest repeated 4 times.

Once you are done and have named your workout, you can save the workout and simply click “send to device” to get it onto your watch. You can either upload it via bluetooth or plug your watch in. To find the workout you sent on the watch itself, go to the RUN menu, into TRAINING, and then into the MY WORKOUTS menu.

I hope this post helps you enjoy your watch and utilize it’s full range of capabilities!