A Gel You Can Stomach

A Gel You Can Stomach


I have never met a Gu I truly liked, and certainly there has never been one that I would even consider eating outside of running and racing. Heck, I often look for ways to fuel during runs and races that don’t involve the sticky, overpowering and thick, fake taste that is Gu Gels. I have tried other brands with much the same result.

But! Recently I had the opportunity to try Huma Chia Energy Gels, and I absolutely love the taste. So far my favorite flavor is cinnamon apple. And I am happy to report that these gels contain the same carb content and electrolyte profile to Gu and similar gels. Here are some pictures to compare as well as the company site for Huma.


My Racing Weight Journey Part 2

A Higher Quality Diet

In part one of this series, you can read about my decision to make changes in my life and running, following Matt Fitzgerald’s 6 step plan from his book Racing Weight. In this post, I will go more in depth to the biggest change we had to make in order to get leaner, lighter, and faster: switching over to a higher quality diet.

Facts like these helped motivate me to change over to a high quality diet to lose body fat and become faster

Fitzgerald advocates not for a fad diet or for a runner to go paleo, vegan, or whatever; instead, he simply tells you to eat more high quality foods and less low quality ones. He ranks food groups according to their quality and assigns each serving a number of points. Your goal is to end the day with as high of a score as you can. So, indulging in my kids’ Cheese-It lunch snacks will dock me 2 points while grabbing a peach and having that instead will gain me 2 points.

Perhaps it is the competitive side of me, but this method was highly appealing and has helped me lose 10 pounds and 4% of my body fat.

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Tag Team Dinners

When I say my husband and I are a team, I really mean it. I don’t mean it in a way where he does the yard work and takes out the trash and I clean bathrooms. I mean we pass to each other, sub in, cheer on, and “take one” for each other whenever we need to.

The  most important example of this interplay between us is Tag Team Cooking.

Having a large family, two parents with a week of high mileage running, two full time jobs and one parent who is also a student might seem like the perfect storm for lots of fast food stops and 10 minute meals. But we have managed to maintain a higher quality diet without eating out by mastering the tag team dinner.

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